Ready for the Truth
about SEO?

Most SEO Folks aren't giving you the truth.

When they try to manipulate rankings, Google doesn't like that.
The retaliation is Swift and Fierce, and YOUR SITE just might get de-listed.

Been getting calls from those online Scammers promising to vault you to the top of Google?

In reality, they can't do much. It usually takes a few months of paying their outrageous fees, but sooner or later you figure it out.
We have an entire presentation on this including Google Movies.

What is the Best Way to get better page rankings on Google?

It's NOT with an SEO Expert. 

Why do you think Google keeps making all those Algorithm changes? Think about it, every few months there is another major update. Then the webmasters scramble, the SEO guys renew their calls to you, the cycle repeates.

Google does this to STOP the SEO scammers from forcing artificial rankings. Granted the majority of the SEO folks have very little effect but for those that do, Google doesn't like it when folks don't follow the rules and their retaliation is SEVERE. They are now starting to de-list sites that don't comply. And if you are de-listed from Google you may as well close the doors.
But these scammers don't care because it's Your Business that gets delisted, not theirs. They already have the next sucker lined up.

So what Can you do?

The FIVE Keys!

You MUST see these FIVE Keys.

Understanding this section is possibly one of the Most Important Things you can do for your business.
If you care about your business, you will go there now.

There are Two sections:

Next, you need to Join the 21st Century with your Marketing Efforts.

To understand why this is important, ask yourself one simple question. Look at all your Prospects and Customers, What are they doing?
Engaging someone on their Smart Phones...Probably NOT you.

Time to change that.

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