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Google has been warning us for years.

Mobile sites were simply under performing, costing them revenue. They have now dropped the hammer and if your site is more than 6 months old, chances are it's not in compliance and your rankings are Plummeting. Even worse, they have begun the De-Listing process for many violators. If your site is de-listed by Google, you may as well close the doors!

Introducing the Best do-it-yourself system available. It automatically takes care of all that fancy coding with A.I. technology so you are always compliant on Any Device, And it's FREE.

If you have an online presence there have been some developments that you MUST be aware of...they affect the future of your business.

And don't get suckered into one of the latest "Killer Deals" from an online "Webmaster" that promises to solve all your problems, and that includes most of the Big Hosting Companies.

The issue, they are simply using Obsolete Technology.

Google is Identifying poorly performing sites.

Late 2019:  Google implemented MOBILE FIRST INDEXING on all searches. Sites that performed poorly on Mobile began seeing their ranking plummet. And if any page took longer than 2 seconds to load, those sites were severely punished.

Early 2020:  "Rank Forcing" algorithm update launched that blocks and punishes sites with artificial rank forcing. If you are paying an SEO specialist you might want to think twice.

Mid 2020:  GooRules algorithm update that punishes sites not in compliance with the Google Rules of Engagement.


Note how easy it is to create your own website using one of the three FREE templates. There are also 90+ premium ones for niche markets.

Automatically Updates.
Every time Apple, Windows, Android or any other format makes changes to their system the site is updated on auto-pilot with A.I. Technology.

No Webmaster Needed
No need to rebuild a site every time a major change is made. It's always compliant and always functional on Any Device.

You Control.
Need a change, log in, drag and drop, publish...a matter of minutes.


Start by picking a theme from a Free one or a Premium one. Then expand the blocks panel and begin dragging in the blocks you need to get the look you desire..

Edit and Style

The Latest "Inline Editing" allows you to replace the content of each block just like you would in a regular text editor. You just click on the media elements you want and enter your own content. Change the look, feel, order, colors, size, etc.
Make it simple or fancy, you have all the control.

Any Device Preview

Gone are the days of publishing, checking, then publishing again to get it right on mobile. Our interactive viewer lets you check how your site looks on different devices with just a Click.

This FREE System will Blow the Doors off Anything out there or any Webmaster.

It's the Absolute Latest Technology with Drag-n-Drop simplicity.
It features the latest two developments in web design, PWA and AMP.
No other system offers this much, even the expensive systems.

Google's Progressive Web Apps

Latest technology, Beautiful, Powerful and FAST.

Google AMP Project

The KING of both Speed and Rankings...

The site you are seeing now is AMP.

Simply Stunning

The PWA format allows for more stunning apps with premium features like a movie in the background, paralax viewing, etc.
They are a little more fancy with a modern look yet still 10 Times Faster than Traditional Sites because they use 1/10th the storage and the data packets are delivered differently with newer technology.

Raw Speed & Higher Rankings

When the bulk of your audience is Mobile then Google AMP is for you.
When you push out a coupon or video newsletter, mobile users want it NOW and AMP is nearly instant with a 1 second page load speed benchmark.
How about when you have information going to 100's or even 1,000's of folks at once? Web servers get bogged down but because AMP delivers the packets differently and it's cached in the Google cloud, things always run smoothly.

In addition to a better user experience because of the speed, you get better rankings. AMP Compliant content ALWAYS gets displayed first.


We help customers grow their business and we're the only company that offers both of these cutting edge systems.
If you have questions on which is best for you let's talk. Many folks use both.

Why are we showing you this? Because we need speed in our appSAVE® Mobile Engagement platforms and these systems deliver.

First, Progressive Web Apps

When you want some of the special features.
The premium features are disabled on Smart Phones by the cell companies but they still display in static form.

Next, Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

(The site you are seeing right now is AMP.)

Why Google Amp?
"47% of consumers expect page load times under 2 Seconds or Less."
"48% of Smartphone Users WILL NOT return to a site that performs poorly."

Is Mobirise Viable? You be the judge.

The "Angie's" link shows the difference.

You be the Judge.

The link below has two different versions of Angie's.
One is $1,200/year and $50 to $100 for Every change.
The other is with appVOLV using Google AMP for just the cost of hosting and the domain name, about $40/year and no charge for unlimited changes.

AMP Site

Note the speed when this loads. We need speed to showcase appSAVE® on any device, anywhere, and that sometimes means from poor internet connection areas.
Example: Folks entering a Mall on the back side. The internet connection may be weak but we need them to see the features in Seconds. 


When you click, note the Page Speed.
Even though there is a lot of information, it's still FAST.
This is a good example of both PWA and AMP working together as the links to the look-up are AMP. This needed to be nearly instant and this combination delivers.

Another PWA

This site is Massive. There is a LOT of information here but you will notice that it doesn't bog down and pages still load quickly. is built on the Progressive Web App format. Here is an explanation of why it's so powerful.

What do the Big Boys think of PWA and AMP Technology?

See for Yourself...

FOUR Statistics that You NEED to See

If you read these statistics and you unserstand them, you WILL give AppVOLV another look.
One thing is sure, you need to see "SEO Smart" on  the link above.


"95% of All Local Searches are now from a Mobile Device."


"90% of All Web Traffic is now Video Based."


"88% of Consumers took action the same day based upon a Mobile Ad."


"75% of all online purchases are from a Mobile Device."

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