Why Host with Us?

You are free to host your site anywhere but you gain some features with us.

  • We set you up with a One Click "Publish" button at the top of your App Builder, one click and you are done.
  • If we aren't hosting your site you'll need a way to get your sites published and will need to become familiar with an FTP client like FileZilla, our preferred choice. It's a matter of publishing to a file, then logging into your host and uploading those files to your server through the FTP client, a 4-step process. 
  • One of our Very Big Features is SSD Servers, Solid State Drives with No Spinning Disk = Up to 400% Faster Downloads!
    In the Mobile World SPEED of Download is Everything.
  • We have SECURE HOSTING, a feature will tremendously help your search engine rankings and more importantly, instill customer confidence.
  • And MUCH MORE.
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$ 2 per month
  • Do-it-Yourself
  • We simply refer you to our supplier for the Best Deal on the Internet.
  • A good option if you know CPanel or are a quick learner. You can set things up on with Appvolv/Mobirise or use AppVOLV/Sitepad which is built in.
  • All the storage you need.
  • Unlimited Useres
  • Company video optional.


$ 7 per month
  • Do-it-Yourself 
  • We set up your own CPanel Log-in so you can either (or both) site builders and then One-Click to Publish.
  • We can offer some help during the evenings via. web conference.
  • 32 GB Storage
  • 50 GB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Users
  • Includes Email
  • See Video section for pricing.


$ 40 per month
  • We Do it All
    Most Popular
  • We build, host and Manage your site. Email your changes and they are live by next morning. Includes your own video and customer VIP List Management.
    ($150 One Time App build/out fee.)
  • Unl. Storange and Bandwidth
  • The Emails you need
  • Changes live in 24 hours
  • See Video section for pricing.


$ 155 per month
  • We do your Marketing.
  • Marketing, Coupons,
    Announcements, Video Newsletter, List Building, Customer VIP Management, SEO, Exclusive TalkingPageâ„¢ system, the Works.
    See Smarter.Marketing for All we Do.
    (Site build-out in APPvolv with a One Time $150 fee.)
  • Everything in the Gold Package
  • One time $50 video creation fee.
  • No charge for video updates.

Silver Consultation

The Silver plan includes an initial 30 minutes of online help via. our Online Meeting system.
You first download your program and when you're ready, we meet online with you giving us mouse control so we can discuss the things you need and Show you how it's done so you see it happening to better understand. This session is open and we simply answer your questions, doing what you want to see. The cool part is you SEE us doing it right as we discuss what you need.

Additional sessions are $50 per 30 minute session, scheduled as needed.

In addition, in the Silver and Above plans you get access to our AppTur site that will Turn your App into your Marketing Arm.

Partner Plan

We are On Call, when you need us.
You have the program on your computer and we work with you, as needed, to make your site shine.
You can get up to 3 each, 30/min. sessions per month on a scheduled basis.
(Additional sessions at the Silver Plan rate.)
Price:  $25/mo.

Additional Hosting Informaiton

Our tutorials help you get online, even if yuou just want the free system and host on your servers.

Our cPanel

Our Control Panel gives you everything you need to control your system.

If YOU Host

When you host on your own, there is a 4-Step process using an FTP client to get your AppVOLV site published.


The FTP Client we recommend if You Host.

Download FileZilla .

You MUST Consider This

VIDEO is just ONE of the MAJOR WAYS we can Help Your Business.

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